Example codes in MATLAB and Excel
You as a subscriber can gain access to certain example codes written in MATLAB and Excel to be used in my forthcoming book. Go to epchan.com/book to see a tentative list that will expand over time. Use the username and password "sharperatio".

Live spreads for pairs of ETFs':

  • z-score is the spread normalized by their standard deviation. Red cells are oversold, blue cells are overbought.
  • The number of shares for each side of the spread are displayed on numShares1 and numShares2 rows.
  • "Half-life" is the average number of days it takes the spread to revert to half its current value.
  • Refresh the browser to see the latest numbers.

  • Live spreads for XLE vs its Component Stocks:

  • z-score refers to the standardized deviation of this long-short portfolio (XLE and some of its components) from its mean value.
  • The number of shares for each component (including XLE itself) are displayed on the Num Shares row.
  • For an explanation of the XLE vs component stocks, see my article no. 2 below.
  • Refresh the browser to see the latest numbers.

  • Model portfolio for pair trading bank stocks:

  • NOTE: This model portfolio will not be updated starting January 1, 2008. If it is important to you, please email me.

  • This model portfolio is updated at approximately 3:00pm ET every trading day.
  • You may need to refresh the browser to see the latest numbers.
  • The capital on each symbol is about $10,000.
  • Scroll down to the bottom to see the total capital and cumulative realized and unrealized P&L.

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