My Workshops

I currently offer the online course “Quantitative Momentum Strategies” to a select number of traders and portfolio managers. This is an online workshop conducted in real-time through Adobe Connect. This workshop focuses on the theories and practical implementation of momentum strategies using MATLAB. Free MATLAB trial licenses will be arranged for extensive in-class exercises. No prior knowledge of MATLAB is needed, but some experience with programming is necessary. The math requirement is basic college-level statistics.

  • Maximum number of attendees: 6.
  • Total hours: 12.
  • Fee: $1,890.
  • Suggested dates and times: May 5, 6 and 7, 5:30-9:30 pm EDT. (Final dates and times by collective agreement.).
  • Registration:

Course outline is available for download here.


I also conduct 3 different hands-on in-person workshops in London and Hong Kong: Momentum StrategiesStatistical Arbitrage, and Millisecond Trading. The statistical arbitrage course is mainly about mean-reverting strategies.These workshops are organized by the Technical Analyst magazine. Please click on the links above to see course outlines and registration details.

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